Farm for Scotland’s Future:
The Case for Change

A Scottish Environment LINK report

Farm for Scotland’s Future: the case for change sets out how the Scottish government’s forthcoming Agriculture Bill can and must deliver for nature, climate and people through a transition to sustainable farming.

The report introduces the need for change, makes the case for reform and details farming practices which support nature, climate and food production with reference to key case studies in Scotland.

Bold changes are needed to legislation and accompanying policy to secure Scotland’s food production, climate resilience and nature recovery for generations to come. If the status quo prevails, the opportunity will be lost forever. We are asking the Scottish government to be bold – to stand up for nature, for climate and for the future of Scotland as a food producing nation – and to make the changes we propose in this report.

The report was written by Ellie Brodie Consultancy for the Farm for Scotland’s Future campaign.

Download the full report or summary below

Full report


Scottish Environment LINK has published a supplementary chapter to the report with additional proposals for the new funding system. It is imperative that the new system is structured to meet the Scottish government’s commitments on net zero and to restore nature by 2030.

Read LINK’s proposals for the new system