Compassion in World Farming: Sustainable farming and higher animal welfare go hand in hand

Katie Hinde tells us why Compassion in World Farming supports the Farm for Scotland’s Future campaign and its call for a new farm funding system:

‘The Scottish Agriculture Bill must support farmers and crofters in the transition to sustainable farming. Changing how we farm and croft land is central to tackling climate change, restoring Scotland’s nature, and creating a sustainable food system. Effective government policy is fundamental to making this happen whilst supporting farmers, crofters and food production.

‘Nature-friendly and sustainable farming practices go hand-in-hand with higher farm animal welfare. By transitioning away from livestock monocultures and towards extensive, regenerative systems, higher-welfare farming reduces stocking densities and reintegrates animals with the land. This allows animals to display natural behaviours such as rooting and grazing whilst being free from crates, cages and other systems which cause intense stress and suffering.

‘To achieve these animal welfare and environmental outcomes, farmers and crofter need clear and accessible financial support from government. The Scottish Agriculture Bill must deliver on a new farm subsidy system which encourages and rewards the delivery of public goods, such as restoring nature and improving animal welfare, by assisting farmers in transitioning away from environmentally destructive factory farming practices.’

Katie Hinde is UK policy officer at Compassion in World Farming.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s and do not necessarily represent the views of all the organisations backing the Farm for Scotland’s Future campaign.